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Rugby in Wheels – Sporting Event for Women with and Without Disability

If you have time, do attend this interesting event.


Kenyan Women in Ugandan Busuuti

The Busuuti, also known as Gomesi is the national attire for Ugandan women. This is a photo of two Kenyan sisters from Western Kenya wearing Busuuti’s. The dress is supposed to be long enough to almost sweep the ground. It comes in bright colorful patterns, and the most beautiful Busuuti’s are those that have prints on them. The neckline is square, and the shoulders are usually puffed up into sharp edges.












The Busuuti has a sash that is tied on the waistline. Many (fashionable) Kenyan women wear Busuuit’s while attending special occasions such as weddings (weddings are mainly fashion shows – ┬áchance to show off latest designs or trends). The best tailored Busuuti’s I’ve seen so far are those that have been tailored by the originators – the Ugandans themselves. Kenyan tailors/designers do try their best to make Busuuti’s, but sometimes they fall short and the outfit ends up looking like a badly thought out maxi dress with a belt in the middle.

These two sisters, who reside in the capital city of Nairobi dressed in these Busuuti’s during a family get-together in their rural home in Bungoma, Western Kenya. They cross over the border to Uganda every so often for social and business purposes, and their mode of dressing is easy to tell that they do pick up some things – literally from their East African sisters in Uganda.




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