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Amara Initiative: Training on First Aid for Kenyan Parents and Nannies


My Pregnancy Was Filled With Feelings of Depression

Pregnancy is supposed to be a time when the woman is happy, glowing and celebrating every moment of the pregnancy journey, right? Well, somewhat.The first trimester for many pregnant ladies is usually a difficult one. Thankfully, the nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite usually subside after the thirteenth week, and for many, this is when they begin enjoying their pregnancy.

But not for all women.








Take Wanjiku Wanderi for example who experienced a bad case of nausea and vomiting right until the end of her pregnancy. She was always in a bad mood, angry and just generally filled with alot of negative energy. Then there is Dorcas Ratemo who never quite felt happy during her pregnancy, was always sad, gloomy and miserable and she was someone to completely avoid. So, were they just building up pity-parties, or were their ‘bad energies’ justified?

Well, I spoke to them, and here are their stories, which I originally published in the Daily Nation.

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